Motor racing turning green, a Philly basketball legend and when The GOAT took on the US – ESPN

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rantnrave:// The NBA’s position on rest has taken a significant turn over the last five years. Commissioner David Stern fined the Spurs $250,000 in 2012 for sitting their top four players and not telling anyone until it was too late. This summer, the NBA is making rest a company policy. It’s dramatic progress. The league is cutting down the preseason, moving up the start of the regular season, and cutting down on the number of brutal back-to-backs and four-games-in-five-nights. It’s as much an appreciation of the health of its players as it is protection of its business interests. NBA teams have gotten serious about rest and workload in recent years. It’s not just a Spurs thing anymore. Teams are responding to science and the demands of stars like LeBron James, who are willing to sit out games to save their bodies no matter who’s watching (which creates problems for NBA partners). Rest isn’t just about the players; it’s about fans, too. There are too many awkward nights when fans buy tickets to see their favorite visiting player — who’s sitting on the bench. The NBA isn’t dumb. It knows what sells tickets and gets ratings. It knows well-rested players produce a better product. If LeBron and Co. were willing to sit out, the league and commissioner Adam Silver had to make a change. Other sports should follow suit. The MLB season is long and grueling and there should be more off days and fewer cross-country trips and day games after night games. Soccer’s season seems to never end. Domestic league seasons go from August to May with international competitions in June. How do players not break down more often? … Can’t wait to get my hands on “What Made Maddy Run.” I’ve been looking forward to Kate Fagan’s book for a while. Mental health is a significant issue in the U.S., and one we’re becoming increasingly aware of for athletes. Madison Holleran was a collegiate runner who committed suicide her freshman year. Her story speaks to a crucial group of athletes who should not be ignored by their schools or the NCAA. A famous example is Royce White, a first-round pick who played only three games in the NBA. College athletes face tons of pressure at a vulnerable age. It’s not enough to pay attention only when the high-profile athletes speak up. … Bar trivia nights with Jurgen Klopp. … Stop asking women to take The Quiz. … When athletes leave the playing field, they can find themselves in trouble. Here are the true crime stories that have ruined careers and lives. SportsSET: “The Sports Stars Who Turned to Crime.”

As German giants join Formula E, is the future electric for motor racing?

With Audi and Porsche announcing intentions to move into Formula E there may ultimately be a convergence with Formula One.
Giles Richards | The Guardian

Philadelphia basketball great Michael Brooks, and the son he never met

When Philly basketball great Michael Brooks died in August 2016, questions lingered about his career, his choices and his life. The answers lie with a woman who loved him and a young man who forgave him.
Mike Sielski | Philadelphia Inquirer

The sneaker industry’s take on the current highs and lows of Jordan Brand

Jordan Brand was once the coolest sneaker brand on the planet, but things have shifted and there have been pluses and minuses to the brand’s business plan.
Matt Welty | Complex

How Muhammad Ali dodged the draft

How the greatest knocked out the U.S. Justice Department.
Mike Pesca & Leigh Montville | Slate

An oral history of the epic 2013 Royals-Cardinals rain-delay game

The Kansas City Royals beat the St. Louis Cardinals 4-2 on May 30, 2013, in a game that ended eight hours after it was scheduled to start. The Royals took the lead before a 4 hour and 32 minute rain delay, then helped get the field ready to finish the victory. It was a turning point in the Royals’ franchise fortunes.
Pete Grathoff | The Kansas City Star


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Motor racing turning green, a Philly basketball legend and when The GOAT took on the US – ESPN

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